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“Wendy was the only non-staff writer I hired to work at my communications company in more than 10 years (since writing was a core service we ourselves provided our clients). For one person, she brings a very unusual set of skills to any communications project: Excellent writer; very creative conceptual thinker; exceptional visual/graphic sense; ability to deal with technical content; understanding of print and the web; meticulous attention to detail. And, she works quickly without a lot of supervision.”

Charlie Quimby
Former President of Words At Work


over 20 years of experience

When in undergraduate school, I came within a whisker of getting a degree in computer science. Instead, I swerved at the last minute into English Literature. The combination actually turned out to be an advantage. While I intuitively understand technology, I also know how to write about even the most complex products in a way the average person can understand.

The writing I do for clients is always strategic, with a target audience in mind. I also write for myself. I have a graduate degree in creative writing, which means I spent a lot of money for the experience of having my work torn to shreds by my peers. Client revisions to the copy I write are a walk in the park, in comparison.

Though much of my day is spent in the world of words, I'm also a visual artist. My work as a book artist and painter helps me to think visually when I write and allows my left and right brains to be ambidextrous.

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