"Reaper" is an essay that appeared in the inaugural issue of The Blueroad Reader, "Stardust and Fate."

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Breaking Ground articles for the Minnesota Corn Growers Association website

From 2000 through 2006 I wrote monthly articles about Minnesota Corn Growers' research and promotion activities, written for the general public and MCGA members.


Minnesotans Travel to The Land of a Thousand Opportunities

With a population of 1.2 billion moving toward modernization and a higher standard of living, China stands out like a neon light as a potentially lucrative market for agricultural commodities. Then again, it could become a major competitor to the United States in the world market for those commodities. To sort out the fact from the fiction, three corn producers joined a trade delegation from Minnesota on a mission to China in November.



Runner Goes the Distance for Clean Air

A 48-year-old St. Paul man who may once have walked a mile for a cigarette is getting ready to run 500 miles for a greater cause. Tom Andrews, an amateur ultra-marathon runner, will cross the state of Minnesota on foot in the E85 Run for Clean Air – an epic two-week run from Fargo, North Dakota, to the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol.



Research to Answer Big Questions About Small Engines Running on E20

Students at the Minnesota Center for Automotive Research at Minnesota State University/Mankato are getting ready to start their engines. The small ones, that is. As the race toward acquiring U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval for E20 as a fuel continues, research is underway to determine if a 20 percent ethanol blend is substantially similar to gasoline for use in light-duty vehicles as well as small engines.




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