Informational Website

This website is designed to encourage women with fibroadenomas to consider cryoablation as a treatment option. The client, Sanarus, is a manufacturer of the device used to deliver the cryoablation therapy.

Sanarus wanted an unbranded, informational site that would educate the audience on treatment options, and their advantages and disadvantages, for noncancerous breast lumps.






Ascension Church
Columbarium Brochure

I'm not often hired to write about death, so when the Episcopal Church of the Ascension in Stillwater needed a brochure to announce its new columbarium, I offered my services pro bono. My goal was to inspire the audience to purchase a niche instead of getting depressed. In my mind, death is a boarding pass for entering another dimension, and I positioned the columbarium in universal terms: as a resting place in the journey of a life everlasting.

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Summit Brewery
Shelf Cards

Summit's crafted beer are like wine in that their flavor is enhanced with the right food. These shelf cards educated consumers about matching their favorite foods with a particular Summit brew.

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summit beer



Informational Website

This website is designed to educate patients diagnosed with prostate cancer and their spouses about treatment options. The site is intended to be unbranded and informational, although in the end the client wanted to push their therapy more aggressively so we included information about their therapy right up front, on the home page.






Matrix Resourcing
Overview Brochure

Matrix Resourcing provides promotional and motivational solutions to clients ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. The blue dog has been a long-time mascot of the company, and this overview brochure told the Matrix Resourcing story from the clever dog's perspective.

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Radius Track Corporation
Branded Campaign

Radius Track manufactures curved steel framing, primarily for the commercial construction market. When graphic designer Susan Knapp and I began working with the company, every ad and printed piece had a different look, tone and language. We developed new brand positioning for the company, which we carried through in the development of a cohesive campaign comprised of collateral, advertising and a much more robust website.

>Trade ad
>Case study (BP Bridge in Chicago)


Minnesota Dental Association
Amalgam Recovery Program

The Minnesota Dental Association needed materials to inform dentists statewide of a new, voluntary amalgam recovery program developed with the Metropolitan Council. This booklet provided all of the details a dentist would need to comply with the program.

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